Local Gamer Just Thinks Gay Friend Should Have Come Out In More Believable Manner

Local gamer Drew Frazier has labelled his close friend Matt Wong’s recent decision to come as gay “forced” and “unbelievable”.

Only moments after Matt finished his unplanned, halting, nervous statement, revealing that he had known he was gay for several years, Drew informed him that he shouldn’t “force his sexuality” onto innocent gamers.

“I’ve got nothing against gay people. In fact, one of my closest friends Matt is gay,” Drew told Point & Clickbait. “It just seems really forced that Matt would bring it up like this.”

“It doesn’t fit into his character. We were just talking about doing a strip club for my bachelor party, and now suddenly he’s telling me that he’s gay? Where did this come from?”

“I don’t know why he needed to bring sexuality into a perfectly normal situation.”

Drew said that he would be more than willing to accept Matt’s sexuality, except that in this case it felt like Matt was “pandering”.

“What’s more likely – that Matt is really gay, which he’s never talked about until now, or that he’s simply trying to get diversity points from the SJWs?”

“Matt’s never talked about his sexuality before, which means he was straight,” Drew explained. “And now I’m supposed to believe that he’s not? I just think he needs better writing.”

“I have a gay friend,” he concluded.

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