Accident At LootCrate HQ Sends Subscribers Box Full Of ‘Gamer Bin Juice’

The team at LootCrate are working hard today to salvage a possible PR disaster after a mix-up at their HQ saw crates delivered that were filled with rotting food scraps and kitchen trash instead of novelty branded showbag items.

A snappy video just released by the LootCrate community manager has attempted to spin the bin juice incident in a positive light, showing the team discussing comic books, reading comic books and doing other things that geeks like to do while being pelted with rotting meat and expired milk in an extremely authentic gamer fashion.

“I love to play video games,” explained one team member with pleading eyes as they carefully draped orange peel over their heads and leaned back onto a chair scattered with egg shells and oil.

“Mmm. I’m gaming. This is what gamers do, and it’s uh… it’s good,” they continued, only gagging slightly.

Although some members of the gaming community were skeptical of their shipment of literal rubbish, many more are embracing the possibilities.

“A live rat burst out of my LootCrate and attacked my face!” gushed enthusiastic gamer Lois Foster. “Just like in Uncharted!”

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