DOOM: We Talked To The Monsters, And You Won’t Believe What They Had To Say


Ever since March of 1994, DOOM players have been wondering: what if you could just talk to these monsters, rather than mindlessly killing them? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Wouldn’t that be fundamentally revelatory?

Postulate no longer — Point & Clickbait stopped five demons on their way to Mars and put the hard questions to them. Read on for what’s really going through the minds of the average abomination!


Damn! I think we can all appreciate that!


Extremely relatable. We’ve all been there! Alethraxus knows exactly how it is.


Yassssssssssssssssss QUEEN


Ha ha I don’t know buddy! Keep your radical ideas in Hell where they belong!!


Really makes you think! Sound off in the comments!

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