Man Who Hates Anita Sarkeesian Refuses To Stop Watching Her Videos Or Reading Her Tweets

Local man Dean Webster, who absolutely hates feminist video game critic Anita Sarkeesian, has just finished watching all of her videos through for the 28th time.

Webster also follows Sarkeesian on Twitter, using several different accounts just in case one of them gets blocked.

“I hate her so much,” explained Webster to Point & Clickbait as he scrolled through an inbox full of custom Google News Alerts about Sarkeesian and opened several new browser tabs so that he could read a variety of articles about her.

“She’s just… ugh. I really, definitely don’t like her. She is repellent to me.”

Webster has meticulously examined all of Sarkeesian’s tweets, even taking the time to go back through her archives of tweets made before he became aware of her existence. He has also downloaded local copies of all her YouTube videos so that he can watch them even if he goes offline.

In fact, Webster can’t stand Sarkeesian so much that he has written a custom script to check Sarkeesian’s Twitter feed every two minutes and take snapshots of anything she writes.

Webster takes the snapshotted tweets — which he finds disgusting — and posts them to Reddit, where a number of other people who also absolutely hate Anita Sarkeesian pore over the tweet in detail.

“She’s the worst,” Webster explained. “I dislike her quite strongly.”

“Hang on, she just tweeted again. Give me a minute.”

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