EA Orders Staff To Stop Applying “Licensed Star Wars Product” Label To Things Around The Office

Frustrated EA CEO Andrew “Sports” Wilson has pushed out a memo to all staff ordering them to quit slapping the ‘Officially Licensed Star Wars Product’ label on whatever they feel like.

Point & Clickbait understands that the last straw for Wilson was discovering that one employee had carefully placed an ‘Officially Licensed Star Wars Product’ sticker on the back of his shirt, right at the spot where he couldn’t reach it without looking silly.

“All staff need to be aware that the Star Wars license is not a toy,” reads the memo. “We can’t just release any old thing with a Star Wars license on it.”

“Well, I mean, yes we can. And actually that’s a large part of our business model. But I don’t want to pick up my documents from our officially licensed Star Wars printer and read them while eating an officially licensed Star Wars banana from the officially licensed Star Wars fridge. There has to be a line somewhere.”

The memo has not been well received by EA staff, with one anonymous programmer noting that it was unfair that LucasArts were allowed to do it but they weren’t.

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