Local Man Unsure If He Is Still Saying PC “Master Race” Ironically Or Not

Local man and PC gamer Melvin Harris remains in emotional turmoil today as he tries to understand whether he genuinely believes in the existence of a gaming “master race”, or whether he was just being ironic.

Harris, who is “pretty sure” he initially started using the pseudoscientific Nazi term for the supposed racial superiority of the Aryan bloodlines ironically, is now struggling to remember the point at which he crossed the line into blithely repeating it without “remembering to laugh a bit on the inside”.

“At first I was using the term to laugh at the Nazis by comparing my own clearly over-the-top bigotry to theirs! Then I kind of stopped remembering to laugh and was just saying Nazi things without blinking,” said Harris as he stared out a window into the distance.

“You see, the Nazis believed that the Aryan race was innately superior, and I believe that PC gaming is innately superior, so it’s funny because, well, it’s like I’m a Nazi, and I’m… exterminating… the inferior… races,” he finished lamely.

“Hmmm,” he added after a long pause.

Harris explained that the recent appearance of ‘Kekistani’ flags online, which are direct copies of literal Nazi flags, and the vocal racists who fly them, had given him cause to think that maybe they had taken the whole thing a bit too far.

Kekistani supporter Bryan Davidson however rejects those claims, saying that the re-purposed Nazi flag and the alt-right racist talking points it represents are “ironic” and “for the lulz”.

“It’s just funny. We’re being really, really racist in order to make fun of people who are easily offended,” said Davidson. “It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just for the lulz.”

Behind him, Harris lowered his head into his hands and began to weep.

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