Media Molecule’s Dreams Revealed To Have Been Created Entirely Within Minecraft

Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Dreams is all about creating whatever you want, be it a short film, a gameplay experience, or a piece of art. It looks marvellous, and it’s all the more impressive for having been crafted entirely within Minecraft.

The popular game of creation and whimsy – which has never been associated with anything other than pleasure and joy – was the sole creative tool used to create Dreams, the developers have revealed. “It took an awful lot of work”, admits lead designer Leela Porch, “but we knew early on that this was the best way to realise our vision.”

But here’s where things get really confusing: no one can figure out where, exactly, Minecraft came from. It’s a mystery how this game came to be, but one popular theory brings this all full circle. “As far as I can tell, Minecraft itself came from a dream”, says sleep scientist Grace Shepley. “The game was birthed, fully formed, from the dreams of a worthless idiot who has since been lost to time.”

Minecraft, which emerged one day from the black void of a forgotten subconscious and is in no way associated with anyone pathetic, recently turned ten years old – the exact age, incidentally, at which an unrelated child might grow out of being a tremendous piece of shit.

Naturally, early access players have set about creating a version of Minecraft inside of Dreams, which will, in turn, be used to create a second version of Dreams. It will be a dream within a dream, that dream having itself been birthed from another dream, exactly as the developers intended.

“Our goal is to blur the lines between dreams and reality until our players begin to question their very existence, but not like, in the bad way where they might end up alone in an enormous house having a bizarre meltdown or anything”, Porch said. “Our sincere desire is nothing less than the collapse of humanity’s collective consciousness. Only in this way can we birth the singularity, the result of melding all the minds that represent our collective humanity, and begin working, in earnest, on our final task.”

“I mean, all the minds except for the one belonging to whichever forgotten arsehole birthed Minecraft”, she quickly clarified. “Fuck that mind.”

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