Fallout 4 In-Game Relationship “Not The Same” Since Boyfriend Killed And Resurrected Without Head

A local Fallout 4 player has expressed concern that their in-game boyfriend isn’t his usual self ever since he was killed in a massive explosion and then forcefully wrenched back from the afterlife without his head.

“He doesn’t want to follow me around like he used to,” vented frustrated gamer Jess Colwill.

“It’s like he harbours some secret resentment at the fact that I used the foul, necromantic magic of console commands to resurrect him after accidentally ordering him to his death in the first place.”

Jess explained that she was “horrified” to realise her boyfriend had been incinerated and that she immediately tried “sleeping for several days at a time” but it didn’t bring him back.

“That sort of thing usually works in these games. It’s hardly my fault if I had to literally alter the fabric of reality to get what I wanted.”

She was relieved when her boyfriend finally re-appeared, even if he was a terrifying decapitated nightmare creature from hell that dragged his own severed head around on the ground while walking and, against all that is holy, still talking.

“This has never happened in any of my real-life relationships that I am prepared to admit to on the record,” she added.


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