Scientists Rush To Educate Newly Discovered Amazon Tribe On Why Original Fallout Is The Best One

Rampant deforestation across the Amazon basin has led to an incredible find: a lost tribe of native people who have remained hidden from the world for years, and therefore have no idea that Fallout 1 is the best in the series.

Scientists are now rushing to the area, already loaded up with a rigorous series of vaccinations, nutritional studies, and printed copies of forum posts which clearly outline how the series peaked there and went downhill later when Bethesda ruined everything.

Observers report that although the lost tribe were initially bewildered upon being confronted with a world that they could not possibly comprehend, they are tackling the challenges of modern life with relish.

“It’s important that we welcome these people to the world as gently as possible and give them only the information they absolutely need to avoid overwhelming them,” explained lead scientist Billie Webster, who is overseeing the education initiative.

“Some members of this unfortunately sheltered tribe can now write 50-100 words each on why VATS is an inferior system,” she noted. “It’s really inspiring to see how far they’ve come.”

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