Male Gamers Likely To Dispute Results Of Studies Showing Female Gamers Outnumber Them

Groundbreaking new research has shown conclusively that male gamers are overwhelmingly more likely to argue with the results, methodology and overall validity of studies which show they are outnumbered by female gamers, than female gamers.

The research, which surveyed 17,000 comments left on popular gaming websites, showed that 85% of male gamers were likely to dispute the findings, which they insisted were “clearly biased”.

Scientists observed a variety of reactions from male gamer sample subjects, ranging from “What, did they include Candy Crush? LOL” all the way through to accusations that the researchers should have consulted more closely with “real gamers”.

“How can anybody trust these results?” asked one male respondent. “I’ve been playing online for years and I never hear women on voice chat.”

“With the amount of time I have spent telling people to suck my dick, it’s statistically unlikely that any women who are listening would have been able to resist by now.”

Only 7% of female gamers were likely to dispute the results, with most saying that the new research was “pretty cool” and that it was “nice to see some actual data on this”.

“Maybe now that douchebag will stop telling me to suck his dick,” one added.

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