Halo Developer Struck By Aneurysm After Attempting To Justify Cortana’s Massive Breasts

Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor was rushed to hospital today when his attempts to justify Cortana’s continually expanding breast size caused him to have an aneurysm.

Cortana, the genderless artificial intelligence who chooses to manifest as a hot naked chick with big ol’ titties for some reason, has become a running joke in the Halo community as each instalment of the game makes her breasts larger and larger.

Visibly twitching when questioned on the issue, O’Connor stuttered that “Ah… one of the… uh… the reasons she does it is to… attract and demand attention…”

He paused to grab a tissue as blood began to fountain out of his nose, before ploughing bravely onward.

“She, er, does it to… [inaudible] to put people off so they’re on their guard. [desperate retching noises]”

A concerned aide called an ambulance for O’Connor, who by this time had resorted to gesticulating wildly at his own chest region.

“So…. so… when they’re talking to her and that she has the…. the upper hand in those conversations.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa,” he concluded, collapsing on the floor.

O’Connor is expected to make a full recovery, although Point & Clickbait understands that 343 Industries are currently hiring for a “Senior Love Pillows Engineer” for Halo 6.

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