Girl Boss! This Woman Converted An Abandoned Cathedral Into A Bustling Den Of Evil

Get ready to dodge the razor-sharp shards of the shattered glass ceiling and also a whole pile of pit and spike traps, because this 12-foot tall woman is making waves in the startup sector! 

Lilith, who is rapidly gaining a reputation as “the mother of all evil” and “a despotic abomination from the depths of Hell” is turning heads 180 degrees, with her stunning transformation of an abandoned cathedral into a hot new co-working space for necromancers, skeletons, demons and beastmen of all kinds.

Her secret? This razor-clawed and bat-winged feminist says that “ALL WILL SUFFER IN THE COMING DARKNESS,” and also to “CUT BACK ON CARBS!” Although it might seem difficult to break into the increasingly concentrated startup/dungeon sector, Lilith says that there’s actually never been a better time to abase yourself before the legions of Hell and swear undying fealty.

Of course, being a powerful woman comes with its own set of challenges – in Lilith’s case, the haters and trolls are already attempting to bring her down with steel and spellcraft, hoping that she will drop some kind of “epic sword” or perhaps a suit of “unique armour”. 

But this red-skinned boss babe is taking things in her stride, and in fact she says that such attacks are only making her stronger – indeed, as we toured her incredible open-plan crypt, those haters who had spent so much time trying to hack off Lilith’s many-horned and terrible head had seen the error of their ways, rising from the very grave to serve her deathless will! Who run the world? 

Take heart, ladies! It may seem like a man’s world, but by the time powerful women like Lilith have finished with it, it will look completely different – covered in ash and fire, and crawling with endless demons who delight in torture and pain. If that’s what it takes to get rid of manspreading on public transport then we’ll take it!

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