Local Nerd Declares Unbridled Love For Woman Who Knows That Star Wars Exists

Massive nerd Roy Irving has today fallen head over heels in love with a woman who was, in some capacity, aware of the existence of the $30 billion Star Wars franchise.

The woman, a local barista by the name of Lisa Douglas, explicitly signalled her readiness to marry Irving during a recent coffee order when she pointed at his shirt and said “Star Wars, right? That’s that movie that came out?”

Irving was reportedly rendered speechless by the good fortune of finding such a goddess in real life, but has since recovered and gone on to plan what he calls an “epic” wedding which will feature a “hilarious and touching tribute to their shared love of Star Wars“.

“The odds of finding a woman like Lisa who just totally gets me, who appreciates me for who I am — a quirky, obscure person with refined, non-mainstream tastes — those odds have got to be astronomical.”

“But it’s like my friend Han Solo says — never tell me the odds.”

“That’s a quote from Star Wars,” he added, grinning widely.


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