Telltale Games CEO Vows To Remember Choices Leading To Studio Closure In Next Episode Of His Beautiful Life

A tearful Telltale Games CEO Pete Hawley has pledged that he will take all of the experiences from closing the studio, and load them into whatever high-paying job he picks up next.

Speaking to Point & Clickbait as he placed a large cardboard box labelled ‘CHOICES’ into the boot of his Porsche, Hawley explained that it was important to “learn the lessons” of “whatever it was that happened back there.”

“I mean, shit, there’s just so much to take away from this, for me to load into my next episode,” said Hawley as he opened his phone and accepted a job offer as vice president at another company.

“I guess the biggest thing I learned would be not to keep the business going, when it’s transparently obvious to anybody with the slightest amount of intelligence that we don’t have any money in the bank,” Hawley mused thoughtfully.

“Such a rash act would clearly leave all of our employees without any severance pay, or anything to fall back on, really. That would really suck for them if it happened, which I guess it did! Sometimes these games feel so real, you know?”

Hawley paused the interview briefly to suck in a big deep breath of air and blow out his cheeks thoughtfully, weighing up the pros and cons in his mind.

“Anyway, clearly that was a bad choice, and just like in our iconic titles such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and others, there will be consequences for the choices that I have made.”

“Not for me though,” he concluded, driving away into the sunset.

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