Destiny Admits First 25 Levels Are Boring, Not So Boring They Won’t Charge You To Skip Them

Destiny developer Bungie has today announced a series of new microtransactions that allow players to jump straight to level 25, skipping what Bungie calls “the most boring parts anyway”.

Like all MMO games, Destiny‘s high level content is widely considered to be the most interesting part of the experience — a gulf that increasingly widens with every expansion. Bungie today acknowledged this by saying they would “reluctantly” allow players to pay them “a lot of money”.

“We play a lot of Destiny here at the office,” explained Bungie today in a statement. “We’re pretty sick of those first 25 levels ourselves, to be honest.”

“We thought long and hard about ways we could redesign that entry experience to make it more interesting, or add some variety. We had a lot of plans on the table, and all of them were very good — detailed, involved, comprehensive stuff.”

“In the end though, we took the hard decision to kick back and relax while players paid us a whole pile of money.”

The pricing of the level-boosting microtransactions at a full USD $30 — half the cost of the base Destiny game — has drawn criticism from players, along with concerns that these level-boosted characters won’t have any of the loot necessary to compete at the higher levels. Bungie, however, sees it differently.

“$30 does seem like a lot for what ultimately amounts to us changing a few numbers in our database, sure. Yes, you could buy a whole new game for that amount. Several, if you wait for a Steam sale or whatever. That’s true.”

“But what we’re seeing from our own research is that Destiny players want this. They want to pay us loads of money. Our whole pricing and release structure is built around it, around that addictive drive that we foster and do everything to encourage. So really it’s win-win.”

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