Battleborn Starting To Wonder If Gearbox Ever Coming Back From “Quick Trip To The Shops”

A confused Battleborn is feeling quite certain today that Gearbox will be back from the shops anytime now, despite “just popping out for some cigarettes” two days ago.

Battleborn explained that it was not worried and Gearbox would definitely be back “soon,” but was starting to wonder if maybe something had happened.

“Maybe they got a flat tyre, or got lost or something,” explained the upbeat Battleborn as it peered out of the curtains into the empty street. “Maybe they just ran into an old friend and they needed some time to catch up.”

“They’ve haven’t seen Borderlands in a while. I think they were talking about hanging out,” added Battleborn hopefully, only the slightest tinge of desperation entering its voice.

Several text messages to Gearbox have been read but not answered, something Battleborn attributes to them “probably having trouble with their phone”.

“It’s been playing up a lot lately,” explained Battleborn. “It’s nothing I need to worry about. That’s why they didn’t need me to look at it.”

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because they’ll be home any minute,” added Battleborn firmly. “Any time now.”

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