Upset Gamer Clarifies: Developer’s Creative Freedom Only Applies For “Stuff I Agree With”

A online champion of free speech and artistic liberty has issued a hurried clarification to explain that when they said that “nobody must be allowed to impinge upon the creative freedom of game developers”, what they really meant was “as long as it’s on an issue I agree with”.

The activist, 33-year old Brent Manning, issued the clarification after he realised this meant he would be forced to support decisions that he personally didn’t like, such as not being allowed to ogle pre-pubescent women.

“Let me be very clear about this,” Manning explained. “I support the absolute and inviolable right of game developers to pursue their creative vision in full. Nothing is more sacred or important than that.”

“Except for the following things: titties, asses, titties and asses, customisable costumes which let me see those titties and/or asses, blood, gore, sexual violence, and of course, breast physics.”

“Any creative decisions which result in me being denied access to these things are absolutely unacceptable.”

Manning explains that he’s not calling for developers to censor themselves (he’s not some kind of “outraged SJW“) but he’d like them to consider his feelings a bit more carefully in the future.

“Hardcore gamers like me… we’re the ones who really love games, who love them unconditionally. And it’s because of our absolute and unconditional love for developers and our total support of everything they do that we’re able to stand up and speak out about this.”

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