Inclusivity Win: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Allow Players To Choose Whether Or Not Their Male Protagonist Respects Women

Red Dead Redemption 2 already looks to be another unforgettable 11/10 experience if the latest trailer is anything to go by, but hold on to your (cowboy) hats, gamers: Rockstar are kicking it up a notch with an incredible new feature.

That’s right – for the first time ever, Rockstar are going to allow you to actually customise your character for the single-player storyline!

Unlike previous Rockstar Games, which have been criticised by needlessly picky harpies as “kinda fucked up,” Red Dead Redemption 2 is breaking new ground by allowing you to choose whether or not Arthur Morgan respects women.

Talk about a breakthrough!

Making the choice is as simple as sliding the switch to ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ at the start of each playthrough. Your choices will then filter naturally through the entirety of the game, creating a cascading series of empowering and inclusive consequences.

Although some long-term Rockstar fans are suggesting that the addition of the ‘respecting women’ switch is “giving in to the feminists,” creative director and vice president Dan Houser said it strikes the right balance.

“We really wanted to build a sprawling and realistic world here,” said Houser in a statement to the press. “Just as there are 117 different types of trees and deer in our beautiful and complex environment, so too there are many different schools of thought on whether or not women should be respected.”

“Unfortunately, while video games tech has advanced to the point where we can now create a living, breathing, beautiful natural world, we still don’t have the tech necessary to make the protagonist a woman. So this is the best we can do for now.”

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