Great Interview Really Covers All The Pre-Approved Talking Points

With that big new game we’re all talking about coming out soon, we were lucky to grab some time with one of the developers. Here’s what they had to say.

JOURNALIST: Thanks so much for fitting me into your pre-approved press schedule today.

DEVELOPER: Not a problem. Not a problem. I’m contractually obliged to be here.

JOURNALIST: If we can start by talking about your last game, and how you got from there, to where you are now, which is here?

DEVELOPER: Absolutely. Great question. Look, we were overwhelmed by the positive response to our last game. We got such a good response from the community. We got a lot of great feedback and we’re just so happy with that. It’s been really good.

JOURNALIST: And so you thought you could take that feedback, and incorporate that into your new game, rather than just updating it?

DEVELOPER: That’s exactly right. So our thinking was: What if the old game, but more? And here’s a buzzword that I am required to mention. We think the fans are going to love it.

JOURNALIST: How do you feel about that well-known criticism of your game, that a lot of people seem to share?

DEVELOPER: It’s great. We love to get that feedback. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and it’s great that these people are so invested in our game that they want to help us improve it. That’s what I would say to that.

JOURNALIST: If I can ask about the new feature that you’ve been marketing heavily in the 17 trailers and four livestreams you released this week?

DEVELOPER: This new feature is awesome. We really went to town on this new feature. We think it’s a game changer. It really helps us bring out the buzzwords for the game. We think it associates well with the buzzwords.

Here’s a few buzzwords which I think you’ll like and which my boss will be happy I used during this interview. These buzzwords sound like positive things: agency, action, dynamic, exploring. Those are the sort of words that really convey what we’re about. This new feature is all about that.

JOURNALIST:  That’s fantastic. Really just awesome stuff. Tell me though: you’re going to be making some serious changes to the formula this time around. What prompted those changes?

DEVELOPER: We really wanted to take it back to the drawing board this time around. We thought – what makes our series fun? And we really started from scratch, taking all the community feedback on board as well.

Once we’d done that, done that deep soul searching, we basically built up from there to make broadly the same game but with the new feature. We think it’s going to be great, and buzzword.

JOURNALIST: If I can briefly ask: last week it was revealed that your company had been engaging in some highly controversial behav–

PR HANDLER: Hey, just to interrupt quickly — my boss says that we can’t take questions on that today. Thanks.

JOURNALIST: Not a problem at all. Thanks so much for your time today and for telling me the same things that were already available in your marketing material.

DEVELOPER: You’re welcome.

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