Heated Argument Ends After Man Helpfully Points Out That Both Sides Are Bad

A raging flame war has been extinguished without incident this morning, following an incredible insight that cut right to the heart of the issue at hand.

Although the discussion had been burning hot for several weeks now and affected a huge range of people, online man Phillip Ballard stepped in and ended it quickly by pointing out that, in his opinion, both sides were being a bit rude.

“If you ask me,” said Ballard thoughtfully, “People on both sides of this issue have behaved badly. They’ve done bad things. That’s what I think.”

The devastating insight left participants reeling, none of whom had considered that before. Thousands of people rushed to like, retweet and favourite Ballard’s comment, considering it the authoritative take on this complex issue.

“I was too close to the issue to see it,” said fellow participant Roxanne Padilla. “but when he pointed it out, it was so obvious.”

“Now that I know that both sides are bad, I won’t be trying to agitate for change any more, especially in a way that upsets people like him.”

“I’m extremely comfortable with the status quo.”