Lifehack: 5 Easy Mini-Games You Can Play In Your Everyday Life

Portable systems like the Nintendo Switch are a great way to keep your gaming time going even when you have to leave the house. But what are you supposed to do when you run out of battery? Don’t worry! We’ve got an incredible lifehack for you that will keep you entertained even when it seems like there’s no way to get your game on. Play these fun mini-games anywhere you like!

Mini-Game #1: Get To Know The Guards!

HOW TO PLAY: Need to kill some time? Don’t wait around and bore yourself to death – play this fun mini-game instead! Using your keen Gamer Vision, make careful note of all the security guards you can see patrolling the building. Where are they? What are their patrol routes?

If you’re feeling particularly brave, try grabbing one of the guards from behind, slipping one arm around the neck and using the other to apply leverage to the back of the head. This special “gamer grip” will tell the guard you’re playing the mini-game and they’ll be thrilled to join in (but they’ll pretend to be unconscious so you can keep playing!).

PRO GAMER TIP: Pay close attention to the guard’s belts and write down what sort of equipment they have. This can help in other everyday mini-games coming up later!

Mini-Game #2: Memorise The Camera Blindspots

HOW TO PLAY: Once you’ve mastered the first mini-game, you’re ready to move on to the next level! How good is your memory? A true gamer can memorise at least 12 blindspots in any given security camera coverage field – do you think you can do better?

PRO GAMER TIP: If you scored highly enough on the first mini-game, you should be able to access the building’s hidden ‘control room’ easter egg and take a look at the console the developers left there, which has all of the cameras on it. Talk about wallhacking!

Mini-Game #3: Quiet! Listen For The Clicking!

HOW TO PLAY: Lock picking in games like Fallout is nothing compared to this incredible mini-game that you can play anywhere that there’s a locked safe – for example on the fifth floor of the building, in the southeast corner behind the painting! Only a highly skilled gamer will be able to hear all the tumblers clicking into place, so make sure you’re high enough level before attempting this game in case you embarrass yourself. Once you’ve opened the door, grab your loot so you get the experience.

PRO GAMER TIP: We recommend the folder marked ‘Top Secret’ for maximum reward! Grab this folder and put it safely in your bag.

Mini-Game #4: How Quickly Can You Open A Sewer Entrance?

HOW TO PLAY: True gamers hate quick time events, but sometimes the only way to win is through repetition – and if you haven’t practiced how to open a sewer entrance and disappear into the darkness, you’ll be too slow when it comes down to the wire. This fun mini-game should only be attempted when holding something like a folder marked ‘Top Secret’, otherwise you’re not getting the full experience.

Once you’re inside, it’s a simple matter of finishing the game by placing the ‘Top Secret’ folder in the crack on the south tunnel wall, marked by a graffiti tag of a red ‘X’. Then you’re on your way to the next game!

PRO GAMER TIP: Speedrun this game by bringing a crowbar in your backpack!

Mini-Game #5: Pulse Control Puzzle

HOW TO PLAY: The true gamer is perfectly calm in stressful situations, delivering maximum ownage with maximum calm. While you’re away from the keyboard, why not practice remaining calm with this cool mini-game where you relax your pulse and keep your blood pressure nice and steady?

For reasons unrelated to any of the other four mini-games, the police or perhaps other intelligence agencies might want to put you through a lie detector test just to see how good at this mini-game you are, or maybe ask your some questions about ‘dead drops’ and ‘classified intel’. It’s all part of the game! How satisfying is this!

PRO GAMER TIP: Watch your perspiration! Keep your skin perfectly dry to score bonus points during the polygraph section of the game.

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