Battleborn Developers All Hoping Someone Else In The Office Will Mention “Free-To-Play” First

A strangled silence has descended over the normally boisterous offices of Gearbox Software, with the Battleborn development team all keeping silent in the hope that another person will be the first to crack and say the words ‘free-to-play’ out loud.

Point & Clickbait understands that the office has been silent for the last week, punctuated only by the clacking of keyboards and the automated voice of Claptrap which plays whenever the company phone rings.

CEO Randy Pitchford has been taking it the hardest, bursting a blood vessel in one eye during a recent company wide meeting in which he suggested the game may look at alternative strategies such as “no cost… for… entry” and a “very affordable fffffffinancial model for aaaaargghh players”.

At the time of writing, a senior programmer had very nearly plunged the office into crisis by asking if anybody was “going to eat the last of this free-to-p– this fried chicken” at lunch, but managed to stop herself in time.

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