Star Citizen Reaffirms Commitment To Not Release In Current Year

Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that their plans to not release Star Citizen will continue into the new year, saying there will be “no change” to their current policy.

“We will not be making any changes to the projected Star Citizen release date, or indeed, providing a release date at all,” confirmed Chris Roberts at today’s press conference. “That’s not really what we’re about here.”

“Instead what we’re doing is adding an exciting new module: a perfectly detailed simulation of every star in the sky. Every single one.”

“We know that our fans have given us a tremendous responsibility to do right by them. And we’re certain that what they want is for the game to remain perpetually in development until it is so powerful and complex that it seamlessly merges with the real world. That’s what we’re hearing from our community.”

Roberts dodged further questions about when the end product would be playable, suggesting that “the real Star Citizen was the friends we made along the way”, before pulling a small scale model of an Aurora spaceship from his pocket and ordering journalists to “get in”.

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