Pokemon Go Patch Fixes Issue Of Players Successfully Finding Pokemon

An exciting new update to worldwide smartphone phenomenon Pokemon Go has finally addressed the problematic and on-going issue where players are able to actually locate and catch Pokemon.

The issue has been plaguing the developers since day one, but should be solved by this new update which removes the ability for players to see how far away they are from nearby Pokemon. According to the patch notes, this should result in a “500% increase in aimless wandering”.

The new patch comes as Niantic also cracks down on third-party websites which scrape server data to accurately track and report on the locations of Pokemon, a service that Niantic describes as “hurtful” and “against the spirit of stumbling around and getting so frustrated that you pay us money”.

“With this one-two punch, we’re confident that players will stop what they were doing — enjoying themselves with a fun reward at the end of a long journey — and focus on what’s really important: paying us a whole heap of money.”

“The last thing that players expect from a Pokemon game is being able to catch them all.”

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