Incredible New MOBA Trailer Shows Characters Fighting With Their Signature Moves

Your favourite MOBA released a new trailer today, showing lovely, detailed CGI of its characters using their signature moves while fighting.

The trailer opened with the characters forming into teams, before facing off against the equivalent rival from the other team.

They then proceeded to attack each other, using moves and abilities that they can also perform in the game. In a stunning twist, sometimes the pairs switched up, so that they were fighting other characters.

No clear winner was established after several minutes of fighting between these iconic characters, despite one side getting the upper hand, and then, later, the other side also getting the upper hand.

Combat was interrupted at the end by the arrival of a larger, more monstrous, ‘evil’ themed character, causing all of the characters to set aside their differences and fight this new opponent.

One of the lithe, attractive female characters enjoyed several slow, lingering shots of her unbelievably skimpy costume at various points during the trailer as well, topping off a very successful outing from your favourite MOBA.

A sequel to the trailer is expected to arrive next week.