Feminism Finally Destroyed After YouTuber Posts 478th Video Criticising It

Feminists are in mourning today, after the global movement to bring equality to women worldwide was conclusively and comprehensively destroyed by a man who rants into a webcam in his basement.

Although feminism has helped millions of women in thousands of ways over hundreds of years, the movement was unable to withstand the devastating critiques of YouTuber Dark_Thinker_92, a noted philosopher and free speech advocate.

“It was his 478th video that really convinced everyone,” explained one tearful ex-feminist as they shook uncontrollably. “What power. What influence.”

“I should have seen the writing on the wall when he labelled the video ‘FEMINISM DESTROYED!!!!’. I mean… he did it. He destroyed us.”

Dark_Thinker_92 was modest in his victory, smiling quietly to himself as he rearranged the comic posters and limited editions of video games that formed the backdrop of his explosively powerful videos.

“This victory is for the men out there. It’s long past time that a man took the spotlight and was listened to by policy makers.”

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