Woman Wearing ‘Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat’ Shirt Really Has Entire Schedule Planned Out

Gamer Annie Waters has finally locked down the elusive remaining element of her schedule for the week, after she was inspired by the ‘Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat’ shirt she was wearing.

“It was the ‘repeat’ part that was really giving me trouble,” said Waters. “Eating, sleeping and gaming… that’s the easy part. It’s what to do next that’s so vague.”

“If I hadn’t caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing this shirt, I’d be properly screwed and no mistake. I’d probably only have one day of activities planned out at best.”

Shirt merchant Devin Beck, who runs the store which sold Waters the shirt in the first place, says that her predicament is surprisingly common amongst gamers who love to game.

“A lot of gamers struggle with the problem of being gamers, but not knowing what to do once they’ve finished gaming for the day,” explained Beck.

“This shirt addresses both these unique complaints which nobody else but gamers could possibly understand,” he added as he finished boxing up a crate of ‘Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat’ and ‘Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat’ shirts.

“It’s that unique, personalised message which makes it so popular.”

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