Unsolved Mystery! This Man Who Is Not Racist Attracts A Lot Of Racist Followers

Here’s one to send shivers up your spine! Despite being not racist at all, local YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg finds himself haunted by what he calls a “mysterious” group of racists and white nationalists, who follow him around praising him and vocally supporting him.

Kjellberg, 29, says that although he quite often sticks his head out of his window and yells “I am not racist!” very loudly, the racists continue to show up wherever he goes, defying all rational explanation. Talk about spooky!

The distressed young man (who is not racist) says he has tried turning to his online colleagues such as Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and Ben Shapiro for help, only to discover that they are also, incredibly, not racist.

“One of my friends told me that all it took for the racists to start showing up on his doorstep was to innocently ask legitimate questions about Muslim immigration,” said the terrified young man. “He said a man with a swastika tattoo tried to shake his hand, even though he’s not racist!”

“It honestly makes a complete mockery of all scientific understanding. We are very clearly in the realm of the supernatural,” he concluded as he fearfully drew his ‘swastika meme’ pattern curtains and hid in his living room.

Yikes! As for Kjellberg, he says that he is now turning to “unorthodox solutions” to try and solve his problem, such as a video series where he reads out the complete text of Mein Kampf but in a “funny voice”.

“What an epic troll,” said one of the neo-Nazis who follows PewDiePie around. “I would hate it, if you did that.”

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