Uh-Oh: This Viral Video Of An Egg Enlarging Has Nothing To Do With Videogames

The latest viral sensation on Twitter is here: a video of an egg growing slightly larger through a series of arcane methodologies, gradually expanding as it soaks up syrups and dyes. It’s a fun video, and a surefire online sensation, but there’s just one problem – it has nothing to do with videogames, the only products Point & Clickbait covers.

“It’s unusual to encounter a piece of content like this – something that has nothing to do with games”, says Tim Colwill, managing editor of Point & Clickbait. “I have watched the video at least 25 times. I have seen the egg grow bigger. And honestly, I’m at a loss.”

Plucky newcomer James O’Connor is confident that he can find the angle that will crack this case. “I’ve even got a good pun planned out for the first paragraph,” he says. “I’m going to say that I’ve cracked the case.”

“Eggs crack”, he further explained. “To ‘crack’ a game, on the other hand, means to bypass any sort of copy protection on the disc. I think there’s something in that.”

But the signs of stress wear heavy on the two – this morning an argument over whether an article on the best eggs in gaming was viable ended in tears as Tim screamed that fitting both egg-based Pokemon onto a single list was “a violation of the serious reporting we are known and respected for.”

“Point & Clickbait is known for being the only truly ethical games site on the internet,” Colwill sighed, taking a break from working on a list entitled ‘The 120 Marvel Movies You Must See Before You Die’. “We can’t be bought. We wouldn’t take review copies, even if EA responded to our emails. We deserve better than this egg.”

O’Connor, meanwhile, is attempting to recreate the viral sensation by expanding an 8cm GameCube disc through a series of liquid solutions.

“I’m working on a theory here, that if I can make it bigger, it’ll increase the disc capacity too” O’Connor explained, wincing as the bandages around his hand were replaced by an ill-looking nurse.

“The lye didn’t work, so this time I’m trying tomato sauce. I might be a lot harder to actually play games with only one working hand, but it’ll all be worth it if I get a good scoop”. He paused for a moment, nodding to himself. “Scoop, like an egg, out of boiling water”.

Colwill, meanwhile, is willing to move on. “I just saw a tweet about a cat vomiting onto its sleeping owner”, he said, scratching his chin. “And it really got me thinking – what does this mean for videogames?”

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