Ageism Win! This Company Is Allowing Its Developers To Work Until They Are 36

Veteran games developers like Jean Moldando, a 29-year old technical artist, would normally expect to be quietly taken out behind the back of their studios and shot after reaching their expiry date of 35.

But now people like Jean have a cause to celebrate, with major AAA studio Blustersoft striking a blow against ageism by announcing a new policy that will extend the use-by date of their employees to an incredible 36 years old!

Blustersoft CEO Karl Bluster, 58, made the announcement today on social media, after being “moved to tears” when he realised that Jean had set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to have their 35-year old corpse cremated.

“It was a really eye-opening moment for me,” Bluster told Point & Clickbait in a short interview. “I never stopped to think about what it was like for my people out there in the trenches, knowing the clock was ticking, that the sword of Damocles was inching ever closer to the neck of their career.”

“Game development is a tough beat. A lot of people can’t hack the pressure of the work, the long hours required, the knowledge that I keep a gun above my desk that I personally use to shoot them in the back of the head in the alley behind the studio on their 35th birthday,” he continued.

“Clearly that pressure was getting to some of my people, and I just wanted to do what I could to help.”

According to Bluster, the extra 12 months that he has granted his employees will be a great opportunity for them to train up the next generation of proud game developers.

“Once they hit that magic age of 35 their eyesight starts to degrade, they get microtremors in their previously flawless coding hands, it’s tragic really,” Bluster continued. “But they will still be able to contribute in one vital way: by teaching a fresh-faced 18-year old graduate gamedev student everything they know.”

“I only wish some of our previous employees were still around to see this great new policy. I think they’d be really proud.”

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