Personal Growth: This Man Almost Refrained From Pointing Out That Your Joke Was Technically Inaccurate

Critics are praising the efforts of jovial local man and your “friend” Lewis Snyder today, who was able to last a full fifteen (15) seconds before pointing out the joke you just made was, actually, haha, not really accurate.

The new personal best was set earlier today, when you were reading the news and came across a comment by a heartless tech billionaire about how poor people just needed to start buying second hand iPhones if they wanted to afford groceries. Upon turning to Snyder and remarking that this was a real “let them eat cake” moment, you were stunned to watch Snyder’s mouth remain closed for a full fifteen seconds before opening to issue a much-needed correction.

Fifteen blissfully silent seconds later, Snyder finally gave in and heroically blurted “actually Marie Antoinette technically never said the phrase ‘let them eat cake’,” in between gasping for breath and turning slightly red in the face with effort. 

Speaking to you later at a post-work drinks, Snyder, who traditionally interrupts halfway through any given joke as soon as he hears a technical inaccuracy, called his fifteen-second delay “definite progress” and a sure sign that he would “stop being such a shit soon”.

“Although not today probably,” he added sheepishly, showing you his reply to a joke by a popular woman comedian that hinged around an “understandable” confusion regarding the naming conventions of 14th-century swords.

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