Local Man Can’t Believe Nobody Else Thought To Look Up Dictionary Definition Of Sexism

What began as an ordinary day for gamer and commenter Tom Malone has instead turned into an exciting opportunity to dispense his hard-earned wisdom to the poor, over-emotional masses.

Malone reports that he first realised the great opportunity awaiting him when he it became clear that nobody in the comment thread had actually bothered to check the dictionary definition of the ‘sexism’ they were arguing about.

“I was just astounded to see so many people wasting their time like this, when the answer was staring them in the face.”

Observers report that Malone has now performed what he called a “mic drop” on the discussion, writing “I’m just going to leave this here” and then pasting in the link to the Mirriam-Webster definition of ‘sexism’.

Flush with the thrill of victory, Malone immediately moved on to Mirriam-Webster’s definition of ‘racism’, loading it into the chamber in preparation for a kill-shot on a different thread.

“When opportunities like this come along you just need to seize them as quickly as possible,” Malone confided.

“The dictionary isn’t a tool that just any idiot can use.”

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