Vocally Feminist Man Proudly Supports Female Sexuality, Especially In His Immediate Area

A self-identified male feminist has today reaffirmed his support for the liberation of women’s sexuality, with a particular emphasis on it happening anywhere near him.

“Women’s sexuality has become such a taboo subject,” explained Benjamin Garrett in a comment he uploaded to a female friend’s Facebook photo only moments after she posted it. “I love what you’re doing with your body. It’s empowering for you, and that’s what I like about it.”

“I’d love to meet up and discuss the patriarchy with you later in the week, if you’re free.”

“Men are the worst,” Garrett continued in his latest Instagram post — a photo of him posing topless with a bell hooks novel artfully draped across his chest. “It’s so sad what women have to go through from the grunting cavemen in their lives.”

Garrett’s passion for feminism has caused him to launch a “radical new program of activism”, which largely consists of giving his phone number out during unsolicited exchanges with uncomfortable-looking women.

The results of Garrett’s activism have been disappointing to date, with a staggering 100% of women failing to respond to his invitation for a night of discussing the gender pay gap, playing feminist games like Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, and listening closely to his tips on what makes a blowjob more empowering.

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