YouTube Celebrates PewDiePie Hitting 100 Million Subscribers By Allowing Him To Kill One Person

The world’s most popular YouTube superstar hit 100 million subscribers this week, unlocking a reward no previous content producer has earned on the service: the right to kill one person, no questions asked, with total impunity.

PDP announced his new privilege in his latest video, ‘100 MILLION SUB CELEBRATION: YouTube Said I Can KILL Somebody? No Questions Asked Commit Murder CHALLENGE’. In the thumbnail, the popular star appears to be screaming in excited confusion at the prospect of consequence-free murder.

“Hey, what’s up guys,” Pewds says at the video’s opening, reminding us of the unique candor and inclusiveness that has propelled him to such a high level of success. “So I hit 100 million subscribers,” he reminds the viewer, triggering a series of fireworks and loud memified sound effects, “and YouTube sent me a weird-ass gift to celebrate?”

The rest of the video consists of an unboxing, as the Pieman opens up a cigar box that contains a single pistol, a bullet clip, tickets to several major cities all over the world, and a letter assuring the popular entertainer that he has “absolute immunity,” as long as he only kills one person.

PeeDeePee, who is well-known for his impressive pranks in which he’ll trick people into thinking that he’s a racist by saying or doing something extraordinarily racist, has since posted six additional videos in which he racks his brains over who he should kill.

“At first, this seemed like the ultimate reward,” Pewpew tells the camera in one particularly solemn monologue midway through ‘THE INCREDIBLE BURDEN: Who Should PewDiePie Kill???’.

“I could destabilise governments, I could create an international incident, I could wipe out a singular evil…I don’t know what to do. This is a burden. A curse. HASHTAG PEWDS CURSE GANG!! It is tough.”

But in his next video, “DECISION MADE??? Here’s Who I’m Going To Kill And Why,” Big P finally makes his decision – he’s going to kill his 100 millionth subscriber. “Ultimately, I couldn’t do it without you, my fans, and to use this gift for anything else just wasn’t in the spirit of this channel,” the eccentric millionaire told his subscribers, before shouting out his own name in a variety of accents for the next six minutes.

Dye Pie’s 100 millionth subscriber, Brazilian science teacher and part-time jiu-jitsu coach Lucas Sousa, has reportedly started his own gaming channel in the hopes of gaining the powers necessary to combat his would-be assassin. “YouTube has promised me a knife and an eventual reduced sentence if I can hit 100,000 subscribers, or if I can capture PewDiePie dying on camera,” he told Point & Clickbait. “I’ve been uploading my playthrough of Hatoful Boyfriend, but I feel like I’ve missed the market on this.”

At the time of writing, Sousa has managed 35 subscribers, and his introductory video “A dating game… for BIRDS??? Lucas Sousa Gaming Plays Hatoful Boyfriend PART 1” has 137 views. “I admit, I want that knife and sentence reduction,” Sousa says. “But at this point, I’m mostly doing it for my fans.The SousNation means everything to me. Hashtag SousNation.”

“Don’t subscribe to PewDiePie,” he added.

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