Activision Reassures Players It Has No Plans To Use Patent For Glistening Steel Horror Which Feasts On Blood

Gamers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief after Activision confirmed that it currently has no plans to implement an obscure patent filed for a nightmarish beast of steel which stalks like death through the cold night.

Concerns were first raised when games journalists discovered the patent filing, quoting from Activision’s supporting documentation to explain that the as-yet unactivated machine would “punch its extraction tubes into the spine of the victim” and “leave the drained husk behind”.

Fortunately, an Activision spokesperson confirmed the company is not currently looking at bringing the device to market.

“We currently have no plans to implement the glistening steel horror in our marketing strategy for Call of Duty: World War II, which launches this holiday season,” confirmed the spokesperson. “The patent was merely to protect our intellectual property and, in doing so, allow us to constantly innovate in this important area.”

Opinion has been divided on the issue of the skittering, clicking terror, with some gamers suggesting that Activision have gone too far and others saying they would take a “wait and see” approach.

“It depends what I get in exchange for the blood,” explained local gamer Jesse Ingam. “If it’s just a brief crushing moment of fear and then nothing but darkness and oblivion, well that’s a rip-off. I won’t pay for that. If it’s an XP bonus or something I might consider it.”

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