The Top Five Overwatch Characters Who Think Activision-Blizzard Should Pay A Fair Share Of Tax

It’s time to fight for the future, and with the latest figures showing that publisher Activision-Blizzard actually enjoys an effective tax rate of negative 51%, the heroes of Overwatch are outraged! We spoke to them to get their take on how corporate greed is strangling the future of our society. Is it time to “nerf this” company?*

*D.Va was unavailable for comment

(RIP Reinhardt, who moments after this statement attempted a Charge attack on the capitalist Roadhog, missed entirely, and fell down a gulley, screaming the whole way down)

Wow! Do you have any strategies for maximising your personal wealth while society and the planet burns around you? Or maybe you know a few good turret locations on Gibraltar that nobody else has thought of? Share your tips in the comments below!

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