Eye For Detail: Lego Confirms That Every Figure In Lego Overwatch Will Be Overpowered, Except For The One You Are Playing

Lego has reassured excited Overwatch players that the upcoming Lego toys will continue to faithfully represent the “fucking trash” balance of the game that inspired them.

With pre-orders set to open soon for these new Lego figures, some gamers have been worried that the toys will somehow fail to capture the authentic experience of only being killed because the other heroes are bullshit and the guy playing them is probably hacking.

“Whatever hero you pick up in your new Lego collection will be the good one, and the one that you don’t buy will be OP as hell. Just super broken,” said a Lego spokesperson in a statement.

“We know a lot of people are worried about Genji,” they continued. “We want to reassure everyone that Genji will continue to be some bullshit.”

Intriguingly, each of the Overwatch Lego figures will all simultaneously be the only one doing anything, while the other figures are just fucking around and getting killed. Although this may seem impossible, the Danish company refuse to explain how they have achieved this perfect 1:1 recreation, calling it a “Lego secret”.

In a follow-up statement, the company confirmed that they will not be releasing a Lego model of the payload as that is “not compatible with our current range of figures”.

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