Mass Effect’s New Angara Race All Sound Like Australians Because “Australia Is Also Very Far Away And Terrifying”

Mass Effect Andromeda‘s new race, the Angara, all sound like Australians — and BioWare have finally admitted that the reason is because Australians are, themselves, “a terrifying species from far away”.

A sheepish BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn admitted in an interview yesterday that it was a deliberate decision to make non-Australians feel like they were truly in a “hostile, alien environment”.

“It’s all about immersion,” Flynn explained. “Think about it — you pile into your craft, you travel for a long time, and when you arrive, you’re surrounded by horrible people and awful animals who want you dead. Am I talking about Mass Effect‘s Andromeda Initiative, or Australia?”

“Exactly,” he added.

The Angaran accents were produced in accordance with what Flynn and BioWare’s audio team are “pretty sure” Australians sound like, due to what he calls a “general reluctance to go to such a shithole”.

“We looked at our design for the Angara — weird neck tubes, freakish skin ranging from violet to blue, and frankly fucked-up double-jointed legs that have no reason to exist on God’s green earth. And we thought — those are Australians. That, right there, is what Australians look like.”

“If Australians are even real,” he added in a hushed, furtive whisper.

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