YouTuber Reads Game News Aloud Over Footage Of Game In Background

A local YouTuber has provided a valuable service to the community and delighted fans today, by reading a piece of video game news aloud over the top of some footage of the game.

Despite running for a length of nine minutes, the video was carefully curated so as to contain absolutely no original content that could not have been read in text form in two minutes or less.

The YouTuber explained his creative process to Point & Clickbait in an exclusive interview, saying that “Of course I get 98% of my news from the major sites like everybody else does.”

“The trick is to never mention them, so that people feel like I personally am the source for breaking news. Then I add three more minutes of speculation, upload it — job done. Games journalism is dead, baby, and I’m the nail in that coffin.”

“Sometimes I like to mix it up a little — like yesterday, I read a blog post from a developer aloud, instead of just reading an IGN or Polygon piece aloud. That’s a trick of mine. People like to be surprised.”

At the time of writing, the video has over 250,000 views and 75,000 thumbs-up ratings from excited subscribers.

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