Millionaire Gamer Cartoonists Fairly Confident Other People Are Out Of Touch

Hipster journalists and pretentious media critics were left devastated today after a pair of millionaire gamers blasted them for being out of touch.

The Penny Arcade cartoonists took a break from their day job of doing something that other people could literally only ever dream about, in order to deliver their judgement on what the real elites of the gaming industry were up to.

“I can’t believe snooty games journalists are bringing politics into video games again,” bemoaned Penny Arcade writer Jerry Holkins.

“No real gamer cares about this stuff,” he added, resting his feet up on a pile of free Xbox One X review models delivered with a personalised note from the CEO of Xbox and thinking about his next D&D live stream.

“They probably only care about it because they drink so much, fuckin’, uhhhh,” added illustrator Mike Krahulik, before pausing to look up ‘what hipsters drink’ on his iPhone.

“Kombucha or whatever,” he concluded insightfully.

Their creative process concluded, the pair of millionaires returned to happily not thinking about how many hours of unpaid labour were being squeezed out of their Enforcer volunteers at their enormous, highly-profitable Penny Arcade Expo.

“It’s so great to be able to speak truth to power like this,” they agreed.