Black People Relieved To Hear That Aug Lives Matter In Deus Ex

Black Americans have taken a break from being gunned down in cold blood by police to express their relief that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided believes Aug Lives Matter.

“This is exactly what our struggle is about,” insisted black woman Letitia Miller, while keeping one eye warily on a police car nearby.

“Being executed on the street in broad daylight and in front of your family because you are black, is exactly the same as the discrimination that would be faced by rich people who paid to have robot body parts installed. Exactly the same.”

“My heart goes out to the cool robot people with guns for arms who are faster, stronger and tougher than a normal human could ever be, and who can see through walls and hack computers with their mind. These incredible cybernetic superhumans are exactly like us.”

Miller was forced to cut our interview short as a policeman in full riot gear approached and demanded she show her identification, but she did reaffirm that black people everywhere were “standing in solidarity with the powerful robot warriors”.

“It’s so great to hear that a video game is really capturing our struggle in a nuanced and respectful way,” she concluded.

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