Schrödingers Gaming Journalist Manages To Be Sony Fanboy And Microsoft Fanboy At Same Time

Local game journalist Corey Russell has become the subject of a complex thought experiment today after different commenters accused him of being directly contradictory things at the same time.

Immediately after publishing his article, Russell found himself removed from the normal space time continuum and suspended in a quantum gaming journalism superposition, helpless to move or speak while a debate raged on in the comments section about which billion dollar tech company he was shilling for.

The impromptu experiment is largely being chaired by noted theoretical physicist t3h_b0mb, and co-authored by fellow researcher DarthBanana, both of whom are rising stars in the growing field of shill analysis.

“Everything on this site is mindless sony praise,” explained t3h_b0mb in the research abstract. “u lost all appeal years ago. its just clickbait now.”

DarthBanana agreed, although they were quick to point out that Russell’s work was actually “always sucking Micro$ofts dick” and that co-author t3h_b0mb was an “idiot……. lol”.

Point & Clickbait understands that none of the participants in the study have yet observed the article in question, fearing that to do so would instantly collapse Russell’s waveform and end the experiment.

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