Local Man Already Has Great Nerd Reference Lined Up For When Friend Finishes Speaking

Local man Paul Lambert has an absolutely killer nerd reference ready and in the chamber to deploy once his friend finishes whatever they are saying, Point & Clickbait learned today.

Sources close to the situation describe how Paul’s eyes lit up and then immediately glazed over halfway through his friend’s sentence, indicating a “potentially very powerful” nerd reference had been locked and loaded.

Moments later, a slight smirk to the mouth and a certain tilt to the head indicated to observers that whatever Paul was cooking up in there was going to be an absolute banger – possibly a recent meme, a Rick and Morty quote, or even a line from Star Wars.

Reports now suggest that Paul has begun to shift his weight slightly from foot to foot, as if unable to contain the bubbling excitement about the nerd reference he was ready to inject into the conversation.

Despite Paul’s clearly growing discomfort, Point & Clickbait understands that his friend rudely continued to speak, giving a whole and complete answer to the question that Paul himself asked in the first place.

At the time of printing, Paul had opened his mouth and screamed “WHAT IS THE AIR SPEED VELOCITY OF AN UNLADEN SWALLOW?” before passing out and needing to be resuscitated by paramedics.

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