Konami CEO Blacklists Himself After Admitting He Works At Konami

Konami Gaming CEO Steve Sutherland is in hot water with himself today after he accidentally admitted that he was the CEO of Konami Gaming, breaching Konami’s policy of blacklisting employees who do the same.

Sutherland’s troubles began when he sat down for a business lunch with an old friend, who asked him where he was working these days. Without thinking, Sutherland admitted that he worked at Konami, before going pale and shouting “no, no no!” in immediate regret.

Sutherland then excused himself to take a phone call from himself, in which he gave himself a brutal dressing-down.

Dragging himself into his own office for a tense and at times hostile meeting with himself later that day, Sutherland told himself in no uncertain terms that he would never get a good reference from himself after his unacceptable breach of his own policy.

A humiliated Sutherland left his own office determined to do better, but Point & Clickbait understands that Sutherland has threatened himself with legal action if he doesn’t immediately remove his employment at Konami from his own resume.

Sutherlands is said to be considering his options but did not comment when approached by the media, saying that he could not possibly answer any questions as he is no longer certain if he is employed.

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