Open World Game Promises Escape From Enormous, Overwhelming Set Of Real Life Responsibilities To Enormous, Overwhelming Set Of In-Game Responsibilities

Local woman Kelly Robinson is on the edge of her seat with excitement this evening, ready to jump into a new open world game and exchange her crushing set of real-world responsibilities for an equally difficult but fictional set.

“There’s just so much piling up,” explained Robinson to Point & Clickbait. “University, chores, bills,  work… I haven’t spoken to mum in ages, and I need to take the box of clothes off to goodwill… plus I absolutely need to get around to grandpa’s at some stage and do the garden for him.”

“That’s why I’m so excited to forget about all of that, and begin 37 straight hours of unnecessary side quests, like hunting for bits of star shard or feather tokens, or fetching some gnome’s laundry or whatever.”

At press time, Robinson was flipping through her notepad to try and find some space in between lists of real-life chores, so that she could make notes about all the things she needed to do in the game.

“It’s extremely therapeutic actually. A real sense of escapism,” said Robinson as she crossed out “renew passport” and wrote “gather snow elk pets???/45” on a half-used page. “It’s like being transported to a whole new world. Really just astonishing.”

“I can really see myself just falling down this rabbit hole!” she finished, laughing and pointedly ignoring her buzzing phone.

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