Valve Reveals Bold New Plan To Literally Feed Indie Developers To AAA Publishers

Washington-based software company Valve Software has made a big play for the attention of AAA publishers today, announcing that they can “hunt down and eat” as many indie developers as they want.

A press release issued from Valve this morning details that each AAA publisher gets one free indie developer to consume upon signing up to use Steam as a distribution platform.

Additional indie developer snacks are unlocked at $10 million in sales and $50 million in sales respectively, with CEO Gabe Newell saying that there was “room to negotiate” past that point, “if you can fit them in.”

Valve also took the time to announce changes to the Steam ‘discovery queue’ algorithm, specifically nothing that the new queue would make it easier for AAA publishers to “discover which indie developer has the tastiest meat”.

“We want to make sure that Steam is an attractive platform for successful games, and nothing is more attractive than the pure adrenaline rush you get from hunting down another human being and ripping into their hot meat with your bare hands,” said Valve.

“In an ever-changing digital marketplace, we hope that this provides our biggest selling partners with some added incentive to choose the Steam platform.”

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