Progress! New CS:GO Algorithm Matches Players Who Are Racist Against The Same Minority Groups

Sick of being matched up with outspoken racists in a casual game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

You’ll be happy to know that Valve are listening, and they’ve come up with a truly forward-thinking solution. Starting now, a new matchmaking algorithm will analyse exactly who CS:GO players are racist against, and only match them up with people who share the same bigotry!

That’s what I call progress.

It’s just so frustrating to try and relax with a nice bit of bomb defusal action on Dust when people are filling the chat, and the voice channel, with racist rants.

Why I should I be exposed to that, when I’m actually racist against a different group of people entirely? There’s no reason I should put up with that – it’s toxic gameplay, and quite frankly these people just don’t understand what the real threat to Western civilisation is.

Now, thanks to Valve’s proprietary matchmaking algorithm, those people won’t be bothering me anymore.

Bravo, Valve! It’s so nice to support a company who really understands what their consumers want and is willing to take unorthodox steps to combat racist abuse.

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