Video Game Executives Pre-Order HD Remake Of Last Year’s Bonus

Excited video game executives have crowded boardrooms in their hundreds today, eager to make sure they grab a slice of last year’s bonus payout all over again.

Releasing once more this year in an even bigger and higher-definition form, Executive Bonus has gathered a small but loyal audience of high-ranking board members who can’t get enough of this end-of-financial year treat.

 Video game executive Ken Chambers told Point & Clickbait that there was “no need to improve on a perfect product”.

Executive Bonus has everything I need,” said Chambers. “At the end of the year, I receive a large lump sum of money. That’s what I call a perfectly designed system. I don’t know why anybody would want to change anything about it.”

“Innovation and disruption has its place, certainly,” Chambers continued. “That place is definitely not here in the boardroom, though.”

Although some non-executive members of the video game industry have criticised the exclusive nature of Executive Bonus and called for it to be made available to all employees, fans of the series say Executive Bonus is simply “not for them”.

“You don’t have to like it, and that’s okay,” said CEO Noel Oliver. “I wouldn’t want to have their payouts either! Yikes!”

“Everyone has different tastes. The video game industry is about celebrating diversity, after all,” he continued. “What makes us different – whether it be skin colour, sexual orientation, or income level – that’s what makes us great.”

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