Five Things We STILL Don’t Understand From Sunday’s Game Of Thrones Episode

Wow! I thought last week’s episode was the most epic bit of TV I was ever going to watch, but I have to say that the producers have really pulled out all the stops this time around. Like all of you I can’t wait to get in front of my TV each Sunday night and catch those fantastic Game of Thrones episodes!

This week was a parents and teachers night so I had to set the VCR to auto-record, but there are still so many things I don’t understand – I can’t wait to share my thoughts and theories with you below!

1. How Does Lord Taylor Gluing His Head To A Table Help The War Effort?

The battle for Winterfell may be over, but for surprise last-minute addition character Tim from House Taylor, the struggle continues as he accidentally glues his head to a table. I was on Reddit within moments of the episode ending to see if anyone else agreed with my theory that the mischievous imp Tyrion is responsible, although the action seemed to jump around too quickly for me to be sure – first Jon and Dany were talking about the next move of their war council, then Tim was screaming and calling for help and grunting, and then we were at King’s Landing again? If the master manipulator Tyrion is really involved, could this “Randy” character be one of his agents?

2. The Binford 9000 Nears Completion, Yet Cersei Remains Unmoved?

With only two more episodes to go, it makes sense that Cersei and the Lannisters would at least be making plans to stop the construction of the Binford 9000 before its inevitable deployment. Yet when the action cuts away from Tim and back to these evil plotters, they seem more intent on discussing what to do about Daenerys’ fleet. I was glued to my chair like Tim was glued to the table, Cersei seeming blissfully unaware that Tim’s faithful homonculus Al was close to completion on this strange device. Is this another continuity error or does Cersei know something I don’t? Has Qyburn, perhaps, already concocted a Binford 10000 to strike back with?

3. Is Tim’s Super-Powered Ice Dispenser A Hint About A Sign That Winter May Come (Again)?

Over the advice of his peers, Lord Taylor appears to be intent on adding “more power” to some kind of “ice dispenser” that he is installing in the ancient family home. I lost a few seconds of audio when he turned the machine on, but once the tracking had cleared up, it was clear that Tim was out of his depth and that winter had truly come to the Taylor household! With this kind of power at his disposal, Tim and his family would make great allies for the ancient evil of the frozen North. That’s one ‘ship’ we’d like to see sail, as my daughter says!

4. Why Would Arya Choose Gendry Over Brad?

Speaking of ships – this episode introduces yet another of Tim’s seemingly endless sons, as we meet the character of Brad – a strapping young man and proud heir of House Taylor with a lot to prove. There was a lot of strange static this episode and it wasn’t clear to me exactly when Brad invited Arya to work on his father’s metallic chariot, but the two seemed to be really hitting it off. How will this complicate things between Arya and Gendry? If you ask me, the young Brad is a much better match for our favourite pint-sized assassin, even if he is struggling with school. We’re praying to the Many Faced God that these two will share some ‘tool time’ in the finale.

5. Why Is Lord Taylor Marrying Actress Patricia Richardson?

The CGI budget for Game of Thrones is quite frankly incredible, and the team appear to have done a fantastic job of de-aging actress Patricia Richardson, who you might remember from minor roles in shows like The West Wing or Strong Medicine. If you thought the rendering on those majestic beasts like Rhaegal and Drogon was outstanding, you’ll love what they’ve done to make this beloved TV actress look like the youthful bride Tim deserves. Strangely, Patricia doesn’t seem to have read the script and keeps going on about “taking a psychology job in Indiana”? An uncharacteristically amateurish performance from this veteran screen star.

Do you have any more thoughts about this week’s episode? Hit us up in the comments section below (no spoilers!)

Huey "The GameHound" Wellington

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