You Should Share This Article Because It Mentions Star Wars And Doctor Who

Look guys it’s a picture of a Star Wars-themed fridge. It’s like a regular fridge but it looks like the thing from Star Wars. Eh?

Bet you’d love to share that with your friends on your social media channel, eh? Maybe go a bit #viral? If you know what I’m saying?

Aha! Check this one out — it’s Doctor Who — but LEGO! Incredible. This is absolutely mind-blowing. This is definitely a product with a brand on it.


I can’t wait to share this article with my friends on my favourite social media channel. That’s what I would say if I was a real person looking at this article right now.

“I love to share with my friend on my favourite social media channel,” I’d think to myself. “I love driving traffic to my favourite pop culture website!”

Just incredible stuff. Sound off in the comments!

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